3 Things to Make Lockdown Christmas More Fun

As our Christmas and Holiday Celebrations will be more low key this year. I thought I would share some things that I will be doing either with my own family or when I manage to get some time to myself.

First up - this film looks so fun. Kristin Stewart looks so cool in a rom com! 

If baking is your thing, then these stained glass window biscuits by Mary Berry look like the perfect little baking project! 



My 14 year old is quite the little cook and baker and we'll definitely be trying this out! Here's the LINK to the recipe.


Organise a family and friends ZOOM CALL

(Kay Scanlon / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images)

If we can't get together in person, try getting together virtually. If you haven't tried it yet, it's not as scary as it seems. At first I hated the thought of it but now I've done it so many times, it's so normal! My eldest daughter had a virtual Christmas work party and she had so much fun! There was around 100 participants and everyone had a Christmas jumper on and really got into the spirit with music, wine and quizzes! My family also love connecting online and the kids in the family LOVE it! It's such a great way for the cousins to see each other.

Here's a LINK to instructions

However you celebrate this holiday, I hope you are able to make it as happy as possible. Plus, having a quiet Christmas means you can stay in your pyjamas all day : )

PS I absolutely LOVED this film last Christmas. It's a little cutesy and predictable but sometimes that's just what you need. Plus listening to George Michael songs are always a winner. ALSO - have you read about the Rapunzel and Lockdown link. So spooky : 0