Home Office

It's looking increasingly likely that many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, whether it's because the company you are working for has decided that that's the best way for their employees or you have decided that this is what works best for you, now that you've had the opportunity to try it. As a lot of my work is online based, I decided to make a corner of my lounge an office area as I don't have a dedicated office in my house. It's still work in progress but I am surprised how much more conducive it is to productive work -  Of course I am well aware that I am very lucky to have a space to do just that.

Before I decided to dedicate a space for my work, I was hopping from room to room, dining table, to sofa to bed, armed with my lap top and notes. But life became a little more intense during lock down with my family at home all day too - I needed to create a space that I could use as an anchor for all my work. I figured I can't be alone in this so have put together some office supplies and accessories to make your own office space somewhere to inspire and make work that little bit more pleasant. 

This glass and brass storage solution for desk essentials is perfect for adding style to your working space. No more hunting around for your favourite pen or stationery. Keep it together, keep it organised.



Who remembers using these sharpeners in primary school? I have vivid memories of being the pencil monitor and in charge of making sure all the pencils in the class were always sharpened : ) These sharpeners don't just look great but they work so well and have always been customer favourites.



These luxury pencils by Katie Leamon support a variety of drawing and writing styles and we just love the colours!



Never underestimate how useful the humble paperclips are. After always hunting for something to keep papers together, I had to treat myself to a pack of these brass paperclips. 


Gorgeous, comfy, handmade rattan chair.  Although these are not strictly office chairs, they are very comfortable, especially with a cushion or seat pad. They also look so stylish - how could you not love them?!

Why not add plants to your office space? I know they may not be the first thing you think about when planning a study area but they can completely elevate any space and instantly make it more inviting. We don't sell plants on our website but if you come in store, you will see a collection of house plants that change week to week. We do however, have a lovely selection of plant pots online and these are my new favourites.



Signing of with some inspirational office spaces, courtesy of Pinterest . . .





 Which one is your favourite?