Love is in the air . . .

We know not everyone is a fan of Valentines Day, however it can be a great opportunity to show the ones you love how much they mean to you. Life can be like a hamster wheel and sometimes we can get caught up in all the noise and everyday stresses of life. So, we are here to help and have a round up of some great gifting ideas!



This perfect little tin is filled with little luxuries to indulge in and of course the tin can be used for other purposes when you're finished. Inside you'll find an organic hydrating eye cream, therapeutically blended bath oil, essential oil infused deep sleep pillow mist and a pink quartz stone to promote inner healing.




A genius little recovery set for yoga fans to help stretch and indulge. Included are stretch bands designed to cool your muscles down and also warm them up pre-exercise, a magnesium muscle oil and invigorating organic shampoo and body wash.




The perfect gift for anyone who loves the freedom of two wheels and contains all the essentials needed for commuting cyclists. Includes hair & body wash, everyday oil, shower mist and a compact travel toothbrush + toothpaste.


A beard grooming kit containing all the essential required to keep moustaches and beards moisturised and smelling nice.



These organic eye pillows would make such a thoughtful gift for a loved one. 

Each pillow is carefully handmade so that when worn, the light is completely blocked, allowing your body to relax and relieve stress. Simply place the pillow over your closed eyes (or forehead) while lying on your back and relax. A wonderful addition to your meditation/yoga routine, or just for relaxing at home. Also a great travel companion!



Surprise your loved one with this hand tied bouquet of dried flowers and pampas grass.