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Eco 6 Piece Natural Kitchen Brush Set

Eco 6 Piece Natural Kitchen Brush Set

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This 6 piece zero waste wooden kitchen dish brush set contains a versatile and multi-functional array of plastic-free household cleaning brushes and cloths. Everything you need to keep your home clean, tidy and sustainable!

Wooden kitchen cleaning brushes are 100% organic, vegan friendly and biodegradable. The perfect zero waste alternative to flimsy single-use plastic dish brushes and synthetic washing up cloths!

The natural coarseness of our sisal and coconut fibre brushes provide an elegant, ergonomic and guilt-free way to scour and scrub your pots, pans and trays, while our organic hemp and cotton fibre cleaning cloths are perfect for gently washing up fragile glassware.

Set Contains:

1 x Bamboo palm zero waste scrubber brush
1 x Plastic-free bamboo dish brush
1 x Coconut fibre bottle brush
1 x Coconut fibre eco pan scourer brush
1 x Replacement head for bamboo pot scrubber brush
1 x Hemp & organic cotton dish cloth sponge

To ensure that your eco-friendly dish brush set lasts as long as possible, please read the following care instructions:

- Before first use, rinse your brushes through with dish soap and warm water.
- Try not to let your kitchen brushes or cleaning cloths soak for a long time after use as this will cause the natural fibres to deteriorate.
- After cleaning a particularly tenacious pot or pan, rinse your washing up brush with dish soap and warm water until the water runs clear.
- Store upright so that dirty water cannot accumulate.



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