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Wooden Craft Kit - Pirates

Wooden Craft Kit - Pirates

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This pirate scene activity box is a perfect plastic free gift for children aged 3 years and upwards. Paint the ship, the plank & the two pirates with the jumbo watercolour pencils to achieve your desired colourway & effect.

The pencils & paintbrush provide a great opportunity to experiment with colour mixing, & each box comes with a jumbo sharpener. Pop the painted pieces into their positions, then take your ship & pirates on a swashbuckling adventure to faraway seas. In a bid to banish plastic tat from our homes, these craft kits are lovingly made by hand, so there may be variations.

Age: 3 years +

Material: Wooden pirate cut outs, jumbo watercolour pencils, paintbrush, jumbo sharpener, skull & crossbones sticker, instruction cards.

Size: Box measures 24 x 12 x 2cm.

Made in United Kingdom



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