Ever wondered if pottery making is for you . . .

Ever wondered if pottery making is for you . . .

If you have ever wondered if pottery is for you or had the slightest bit of curiosity about making your own designs out of clay, then check out a recent testimonial, which was filmed by Harry of Plastered Lips Productions. Check out the video HERE

Ed, who has done a few courses with us explains how his "sardine tin", which we love by the way, came about after a happy accident. He decided to use little bits of clay that were left over from one of his classes and made them into little fishes and then decided to make a tin for them to go in. We loved watching the process, from the making, to the painting and glazing. I think you'll agree his design is so fun!

The moral of this story is that anything is possible with clay. If you have an idea, it can probably be brought to life in our studio. Our teachers will guide you as you develop your skills as you grow in confidence, and if you have had previous pottery experience, then you will be able to further your experience and make your deigns come to life. 

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