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Could pottery be the ultimate mindful activity?

With 2024 well underway, I hope you are able to leave the stresses of the Christmas hustle and bustle behind in a year that has seen the rise of so many global events. I don't think anyone can fail to feel affected by the news and suffering we see and read about everyday. In a world that is becoming smaller and smaller, our mental health is becoming more important as we all navigate and consume so many global shifts and movements.

Mindfulness can certainly play a part in looking after our mental health, but sometimes it can be difficult to understand what that means. I admit that I am absolutely no expert, but the feedback I get when people visit the studio goes some way into understanding the mental health benefits of both pottery painting and pottery making. Our studio has even been called a Creative Spa by customers, which was such a compliment and really helped me to realise that when people visit us, it may start as a place where they can get creative but they leave with so much more. They leave with memories of time with friends and family or time alone - an hour or so to just be. . . which can be invaluable. A time when distractions from phones and technology are minimised, which is always a good thing - right?

From my understanding, this is mindfulness. It's intentional and dedicated time where we feel connected and fully engaged. For many of us our lives are fast paced and demanding and many times this is unavoidable, however over time this can cause stress. Pottery or pottery painting can be the perfect way to feed that need for mindfulness. 

There is something for everyone who visits our studio, whether you want to learn a new skill and try your hand a pottery throwing or hand building or if want to book a pottery painting session and let your creativity take over, you will be sure to find that perfect 'time out' activity.

two ladies showing their painted pottery





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