The Find Store Pottery Classes

Unleash Your Creativity in the Heart of South East London

Nestled in the vibrant community of Lee, The Find Store stands as a hub for pottery enthusiasts and aspiring artisans alike. Our charming pottery cafe in South East London has become a centre of artistic expression, offering a range of pottery courses that welcomes all skill levels and creative aspirations.

Hand-Building Pottery Courses in Lee

At the core of our South East London pottery studio offering is our flagship 6-week Hand-Building Pottery Course, a transformative journey into the world of ceramics. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned potter, this course has something to offer you. It's a dynamic experience where our valued students explore their creativity through three fundamental techniques: slab building, coiling, and pinching.

One of the unique features that defines The Find Store is our commitment to encouraging a thriving pottery community. Our modern studio welcomes both newcomers and alumni, ensuring that there's a constant blend of fresh perspectives and seasoned wisdom. The Alumni Course, spanning 6 weeks, is an opportunity for past students to revisit and expand upon their skills. With access to the studio's array of equipment, clay, glazes, and tools, including a kiln, the possibilities are limitless.

Our Pottery Teacher

Under the guidance of our talented French potter, Lucile, students are exposed to an array of inspirations drawn from nature's shapes, colours, and textures. Lucile's years of experience working with clay shine through in her passionate teaching style, creating an environment where creativity flourishes. Whether you're shaping your first piece or refining your craft, our expert teaching and support are a constant presence throughout your journey at our pottery studio in South East London.

Develop Your Skills as a Potter

Our structured weekly sessions of the Hand-Building Pottery Course ensure that our students get a well-rounded experience. Each week is dedicated to mastering a different technique, emphasising practice, and experimentation. From crafting cups, mugs, and jugs to plates, plant pots, small bowls, and even pencil pots, you'll leave with a diverse portfolio of bespoke hand-crafted creations.

Pottery Courses and Workshops

At Pottery Studio at The Find Store, we embrace the artistic side of pottery, offering courses and workshops like our core 6 week hand-building course and our 2 hour taster courses, should you want to see what it's all about. We will be adding pottery throwing courses in 2024 and if you wish to be one of the first the hear about our new term dates and workshops, sign up to our newsletter HERE. 

Alumni Pottery Course in South East London Today

These courses are specifically for students who have attended one of our 6 week courses. Working alongside an eclectic mix of new students and veterans, our relaxed and nurturing environment offers you the freedom to work at your own pace, incorporating your newly acquired skills into your ceramic projects.

In these courses, everything you need is provided. From the finest earthenware clay to essential tools, aprons, and an array of glazes, The Find Store ensures that your creative venture is straightforward and always enlightening. The glazing and firing process, which includes up to 8 pieces, is included as part of the package.

Dive into the enchanting world of ceramics. Whether you're looking to nurture your creative spirit, learn a new skill, or simply connect with like-minded individuals in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Pottery Studio at The Find Store is the only place to enjoy pottery in South East London.