Flat White, I Miss You. . .

Flat White, I Miss You. . .

How are  you all out there?

Here in the UK, we are officially into our third week of lock down due to COVID-19. The initial few days when it was declared by our Government, was pretty unsettling and I was glued to the news. However, the second week I, along with my family kind of got into the swing of things, learning to live within our ‘new normal’. Remote working and remote learning are now part of my household’s daily routine.

The other day, my husband and I ventured out to get some supplies and stopped by our favourite bakery, which just happens to sell the most delicious coffee. We have not had another type of coffee, other than the bog standard instant type you use at home and have been nowhere near a cafe or a coffee shop in 3 weeks. After all, they are all closed. In that moment, I realised how unusual it is that a ‘posh’ take away coffee would be an option – let a lone my favourite, a flat white. How strange that we can get used to a different way of life so quickly!

Anyway, back to the coffee. It Was Divine. As soon as I had that first sip, I didn’t realise how much I missed a good flat white, you know, the type you get in your favourite coffee shop? My point? The flat white just symbolised one of the things I am missing about life before. The casual art of just sitting in a cafe, watching the world go by, whilst savouring the atmosphere you get when lots of people get together in one space. The talking, the laughter, the couples having private conversations, the person sitting alone at a cosy corner table, stealing a moment to themselves. And the groups of friends and family getting together to have a catchup.

I really miss those days. Hopefully we will see them again –   sooner rather than later and as our wonderful Queen said in her heart-warming speech recently – ‘we’ll meet again’.

Maritza x

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