Swoon Worthy Instagram Favourite

Swoon Worthy Instagram Favourite

How many hours have you spent swooning over beautiful homes from around the globe? Years ago we would have to wait for the latest home interior magazines to go to print to get an insight into stylish interiors and to be inspired to make changes in our own homes. And whilst it’s still great to get our hands on physical magazines and turn the pages, there are other, more immediate ways to discover ideas and design.

Now we don’t have to wait, we have it at our fingertips at any given moment and all we need to do is scroll. Granted, overuse of our phones is not something to be encouraged – but it’s so damn easy to get lost in the world of scandi living/midcentury/dark walls/gallery walls/marble work tops/crittal windows. These are all buzz words in the world of Instagram stylish homes and stylists and are the very aspects of interiors that I am greatly drawn to and feel inspires design choices in my own home.

Of course your style might be very different and even though I have my personal preferences, I can definitely appreciate the beauty in a more traditionally inspired decor scheme. Or even a minimalist scheme.

I have had a long relationship with instagram and thankfully it has always been so positive for me. A space to appreciate and share ideas, likes, dislikes, world related matters, interiors, travel and lifestyle with like minded people. Over on my personal account, which I have had since instagrams inception, I have made friends online with whom we share our family events and children’s milestones. Some of these friends I have met in real life and some I will most probably never meet, but that’s ok. We have an understanding, a camaraderie, which is so strange when you really think about it but at the same time it doesn’t feel strange at all.

But I digress . . . back to interiors – today, I wanted to pay homage to an interior account that really inspires me and promise you will love it too!

@eyeswoon is without a doubt one of my favourite interiors account. Based in Brooklyn (which I adore), Athena Calderone creates such great content on her blog, podcast and instagram. I follow along for not only photos of her stunning home but also for lifestyle and cooking tips. Her food looks delicious and is styled beautifully, almost like art. Athena has also just finished a book called Live Beautiful, which I received after pre-ordering it a couple of months back. See more here Eye Swoon

I'll be sharing more inspirational interior accounts soon!
Maritza x


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