The sink skirt is making a comeback and why I think it's linked to our need for a simpler life

The sink skirt is making a comeback and why I think it's linked to our need for a simpler life

What are the trends from days gone by that you look back on with fond memories? Even though my own home has the trappings of modern interior trends, I can't help but wish that I could just re-do everything and make it a little more . . . twee.  I especially love the under sink curtains or sink skirt as some might call it. Have you noticed the trend this year? I am seeing them pop up more and more in interior designs and feel like they resonate with us as we pine for simpler days. Our world is kind of noisy right now, going through some changes and sometimes feels a little uncertain. Which is why I feel this pull that we are seeing in the world of interiors is a reflection or a counterbalance to the societal challenges we are seeing (that's a little deep, I know). It's also why I feel there is such a big interest in pottery and why the response has been so great to what we are doing in the shop/studio. Pottery making is a tactile, traditional art and this love of handmade products rejects a throw away culture and embraces perfectly imperfect products to cherish and pass down.

Grand Millennial is a design movement that embraces the traditional choices we may have seen in our parent’s or grandparents homes growing up. Colours, stripes, florals, dark wood, frills etc. I know it may sound scary but honestly, if done right  it can really elevate an area to a well put together, homely but sophisticated space. I feel the under sink skirts fits squarely in the Grand Millennial style and I am loving it. I actually have some fabric cut up ready to hang under the sink in the studio that I still haven't got round to doing. Will definitely do that job soon!

Anyway, here I am sharing some favourites from the world of instagram. What's your thoughts on under sink curtains? Yay or nay? Let me know over on instagram comments.

Blue kitchen

@peterdolkas and @michelleficker

Sink curtain




Berdoulat pantry


yellow sink


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