Things that surprised me about our pottery studio . . .

Things that surprised me about our pottery studio . . .

For all who have followed our journey here at The Find Store, you will know that we recently pivoted our business, from gift and lifestyle store that centres on sustainability and good design to a more immersive shopping and creative experience. Our customers can still shop the beautiful things we have always sold including interior accessories, lifestyle goods and plants, plus create their own designs within our new, creative space (same shop, different concept) that allows people to paint some pottery, create their own pottery pieces through our hand-building pottery classes or enjoy something delicious from our cafe.

Since we embarked on this new chapter, we have learned a great deal and entered a new world, where we are well and truly embedded in the pottery community. There's a new pottery language to get to grips with, the technicalities around kilns, glazes, firings and of course the unpredictability of clay. It's a world we are loving so far and know there is still so much to learn.

Whilst pottery making requires patience and can be both frustrating and mindful in same measures,  pottery painting is an activity that is accessible to all. From young children to teenagers to adults - all have enjoyed painting sessions with us and I can't get enough of the reactions when our customers see their pieces once they have been glazed and fired. Things that have surprised me? How amazingly talented people are - even those who swear they haven't got a creative bone in their body. Everyone is creative - fact!

My love of interiors and sustainability is never far away, and we have some more plans in the pipeline to bring our own line of ceramics made by our very own hands and strive to continue to deliver a service and experience that customers will love. 

If you want to book or take a look at what we do, you'll find more information HERE

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