Wheel Throwing 2 Hour Taster


£65.00 – £100.00 per person



About this experience

If dates are sold out please make an enquiry about a date you have in mind and we will try and match you with a teacher.  Email us HERE

Pricing structure for this workshop:

£100 for 1 to 1

£80 each for 2 to 1

£70 each for a group of 3

£65 each for a group of 4

In this fun 2 hour introductory class you will become familiar with the potters wheel and learn what it is like to have a go at throwing. 

You will watch a demonstration by your teacher to display the techniques needed to ‘center’ your clay and how to ‘pull’ up the walls of your pots. You will also learn about the different tools and their uses. Sitting down at your own dedicated potters wheel, you will then have a go at throwing a cylinder, mirroring the techniques your teacher will have shown you. It will be messy, wobbly and much harder than many can have imagined!

We aim for a more sustainable approach in our taster courses. Clay and many of the materials that potters use have to be excavated from quarries and have an environmental impact. We therefore encourage only the best work to be pushed through the firing processes since it is a material that can be reused and recycled infinite amount of times up until the point it is fired. You can learn from cutting through your pieces to analyse how best to improve your techniques. Therefore, you will be able to keep and fire one of the piece you create during your taster session. This taster workshop includes the firing and glazing of one pot. If, however, you would like to keep any extra pots you make and would like us to glaze and fire them, then there is a charge of £10 per pot.

Good to know!-

Short nails are much easier to work with but long nails are not impossible to work around!
-Jewellery off!
-Don’t come in your Sunday best, when we play with clay we get mucky!
-As it is the case in most studios, whilst the rest of your piece will be glazed by us after the first firing, the base of your piece will remain bisque. This means it won’t be covered by glaze. 
-It takes about a month for your piece to come back to you. It needs to be fired twice and glazed before you can take it home!

Please read our FAQs for our most asked questions.

Now for the boring but important part:

All classes are refundable up until 28 days prior to the start of the course. After this we may be able to reschedule your course. PLEASE NOTE: From 14 days prior, your course is non-refundable. We are a small, independent pottery studio and our courses and workshops run at capacity. Teachers and materials are organised in advance for the number of booked participants.