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Charlotte Manser Ceramics

Blue handmade small ceramic bowl

Blue handmade small ceramic bowl

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Handmade ceramic small bowl with a combination of smooth cream and peachy orange glazes. This bowl is suitable for desserts, porridge, snacks or soup.

Dimensions: Holds approximately 400ml

Care: Ceramics are fired to 1260 degrees and therefore are suitable to be microwaved or washed in a dishwasher.

How it is made:

All ceramics are handmade in small batches of around 30 pieces and if carefully formed over a two day period. After the pieces have dried for a week, they are then fired to 1000 degrees Celsius. Finally they are glazed before dipping and pouring the ceramics to create beautiful glaze patterns, then fired for a final time.

Please note: as this item is handmade, there may be slight variations to the glaze finish and will not be exactly the same as the picture - but it will be very close!



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